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Is Your Church a holy Spiritual House of God?

Every journey begins with a destination and a goal. As we journey into the house of God we will have to go through many challenges and hardships. There is no true reward in seeing the house of God without sin. It’s a false concept, because you will meet God face to face and will see that He is greater and stronger than any of these things.

When you enter into the holy place of the house of God, guard your footsteps. For the people of Israel were not just looking for a home, but a holy temple. To come near to God is preferable to giving the sacrifice of fools, because they don’t truly understand they are actually doing wrong. In fact the most significant characteristic of a holy temple is security. If you enter into the spiritual house of God without the security of the temple, then you won’t even be able to enter inside! Don’t allow the fear of going into the house of God to keep you from entering.

The seventh day of the week is a special day for all who have received Christ into their hearts. It’s also known as the climax of the journey through life. It’s important to remember that when we praise God and trust Him for our life, we have accomplished two tasks. We have accomplished the first task by simply believing that He is worthy of all of what we pray and desire Him to do for us. And we have accomplished the second task by reaching down and putting our hands on Jesus’ feet – the first step toward entering into God’s temple.

If we enter into God’s temple, there will be great peace and joy. We will be given eternal life. We may know immediate answers to questions regarding the welfare of those we hold dear. We may also be given revelation concerning the future course of events. There will be no more fear or anxiety, no more worry or stress about how we are going to draw near the house of God in safety and satisfaction.

Some may wonder what happens if they don’t live in God’s house of grace right now. Some may think that there is no longer any reason to pray, no reason to go to church, and no reason to be excited about the future of God’s people. But nothing could be further from the truth! There is never any time to be like the last time. Everything depends on how we treat this special day each and every day.

The house of God is always open for those who walk with the Lord. We can walk with the Holy Spirit every day if we choose to do so. We may know immediate answers to prayer, the truth about God, and the welfare and happiness of those who wait for our walk with the Lord. If we are not walking in the presence of holy spirit, we are walking in the absence of God, and that is not good!

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